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About Effective NYC

In the field of duty, our company has been devoted to the very factor of honesty. With the services we provide, Effective NYC has been one of the best cosmetics and apparel importers & exporters in Turkey, maintaining and working with the same excitement as the first day.

Increasing contribution to the economy in recent years, the CMB arising from the ”true value” understanding of the principle of the protection of small investors has increased the importance of importing cosmetics goods. Our company within the framework of the value of integrity, honesty and impartiality has worked without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction and this has become the sole priority.

Our company has the necessary knowledge in all aspects and the experience required to serve our customers with the latest technology.

Our company has offices in New York and Istanbul and provides products throughout the world. Our goal is to deliver top quality products and to provide a healthy and regular customer base.

Our Vision

Our customers will notice the difference in our services with the ” live” service concept and along with that, we intend to continue to be among the most reliable companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the latest technology and scientific methods of work in order to serve our customers with better accuracy, honesty and impartiality.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to be a global brand and provide the best quality products with the lowest market price

Erkan UstaCEO

Isim SoyisimCBO

Isim SoyisimCOO

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